Pioneers in
Integrative and
Regenerative Medicine

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Pioneers in Integrative and Regenerative Medicine

There is something even more severe to a patient which is not having the chance to express their pains to a doctor who does not make time for listening to them.

MZK MEDICAL was founded in 2003, though the experience of the founders Dr. Rosella Mazzuka de Marta and Dr. Marcos Mazzuka Petitta dated back to 1988. Its end is to offer the patients a deep approach to their health condition regarding prevention as well as healing actions.
It applies advanced technologies in use in Spain, Italy, United States, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom.
Along these years we have seen the benefits of integrative medicine applied in all its areas, with the outcome of hundreds of patients who recovered themselves from their illnesses, or that were able to get equilibrium within their lives after having conditioned their health positively.

Inside of MZK Medical, all specializations play a role given that our motto is integration, which is to offer the patients all the options to hand in the officially recognized medicine.

In this way, our medical staff get updated continuously according to the changing medicine world and the new breaking out diseases.

Currently MZK MEDICAL has two branches located in Madrid and Palma de Mallorca. Protocols and specializations of each branch are all the same, as well as the public health certification according to what is determined by the Department of Health.

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Once the case has been studied and the analytical tests reviewed, the doctor will tell you whether some special studies are required, or just merely the therapy that goes after.

Integrative Medicine

It consists of treatments for recovering our organism cellular balance which got lost along the years and thus causing determined symptoms and illnesses.


Our medical professional team is made up of high-qualified, motivated people, all of them with expertise in their respective sphere of activity.

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