Pioneers in
Integrative and
Regenerative Medicine


Our clinic has the denomination of day hospital. Its services cover:

Internal medicine

It involves patient's integral attention by analysing both current and long-lasting disorders while applying all known techniques as well as proceeding with the required studies to make a broad and deep diagnosis.

Cellular, integrative and regenerative medicine

It is based upon an in-deep study on our biochemical and cellular equilibriums, which reveals vital data about our body condition in terms of inflammation and deterioration. Everything takes place by employing special procedures in use within the most renowned health centres from all over the world. There are also applied the protocols for the immune re-equilibrium of patients undergoing autism (ASD; AS; ADHD), as well as pregnancy preparation.

Day Hospital

It is where the specific intravenous treatments take place for patients according to medical prescription. They are carried out in a translucid area, whereas the patient is steadily attended by the room GP and the nurse. As a whole, the set-up is in full compliance with the Public Health legislation in force.

Biological Protocol for Autism and ADHD

Thanks to cutting-edge medical techniques, we are gaining new insights into the biochemical imbalance within children affected by Autism (ASD), AS, ADHD or similar disorders. With the information gathered through the studies, we can estimate the suitable treatment to get significant improvement. We have thirty-year experience in this field.


It takes place a quantum nutritional study carried out by skilled nutritionists, which together with an anthropometrical analysis lead to set up a proper diet based on adequate cellular nourishment.

Family medicine

It includes knowing and assessing the patient’s way of life to get the maximum information that helps in determining which treatments and protocols are to be applied.

Nutrition and detoxification for pregnancy

If you want to get pregnant, it is imperative to be aware of both your nutritional and intoxication condition (due to plastics, heavy metals, pesticides or exhaust fumes). Such information let us outline a detailed and personalized clinical protocol aimed at bolstering you for having a smooth pregnancy and the healthy development of your future baby. For this purpose, we are employing techniques at the vanguard in the best health centres of all over the world.

Psychotherapy and evolutionary coaching

Procedures are carried out by graduates in Clinic Psychotherapy with expertise in emotional imbalance, and in disorders related to food addiction (anorexia, bulimia, bigorexia, night overeating), as well as anxiety, depression, and complications related to sexuality.

Colon Hydrotherapy

It is performed by graduated GPs with acknowledged skill in the matter and more than ten years experience.